Virtual Tours Inside Corporate Art Collections

Giacomo Balla's Abstract Speed + Sound 1913-19...

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In Germany, The UniCredit collection is probably the largest corporate collection in the world with about 60,000 artworks.

Enter the collection, then click on *advanced search* for a list of artists in UniCredit Collection here:

The Banca d’Italia began collecting art in 1930, methodically enlarging their collection over the past 80+ years.

With the goal of making it easier to view the highlights of their collection the Banca d’Italia decided to create a digital online archive rather than present its art collection in a traditional print book format that would have needed many volumes.

The online archive is an accessible website that has 20 virtual tours that viewer can take to view specific groupings in the collection, such as “Futurism.”

All text on the site are in Italian and English, and  also available in audio versions in English.

The site can be viewed at:

The actual works in this art collection hang in the reception areas and directors’ offices, and throughout the many buildings that house the Bank’s offices, both in Rome and in other towns throughout Italy.

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