Why Pinterest is the Best Social Media Site for Artists!


Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

I love Pinterest. It is THE social media for visual communication, IMO. Pinterest is a great place to do accelerated research of art images, as well as a great place to post images of your own art. During my first week on Pinterest I found amazing art images, had hundreds of my pins repinned, received lots of comments, and made new connections with a museum curator and several artists.

By clicking on images I like on Pinterest, I find interesting blogs and websites. Today, I found a wordpress blog called Art Snapper. Art Snapper accepts submissions of images. Artists, rather than submit your own artwork images to Art Snapper, you could cross-promote by asking a friend to submit an image of your art, and you submit an image of their artwork in return. Art Snapper posts your art images to their blog and to Pinterest where others pin them to their boards, *like* your image, and follow your link back to your website.

Last month, Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than Twitter, and Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube, and  LinkedIn and combined .

9 thoughts on “Why Pinterest is the Best Social Media Site for Artists!

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    • Pinterest recently sent out new revised terms for their site. I am not concerned about copyright issues. What I have noticed is that some artworks have been innocently misattributed and others are quick to write the correct artists name on the work. So far this has occurred only on historic and well-known art pieces. As far as anyone taking another’s work and calling it their own–well, if you see that you can complain to pinterest just like on any other site. The offender’s account should be removed.


  2. I could look at images all day on Pinterest, I especially love sharing black and white photographic images, but I haven’t put any of my own work on yet, (except for my Instagram images, lol) I wasn’t sure if people were using it for self-promotion, or how that would be received, but after reading your article, maybe I will start a board called My Art…

    There are great resources posting, such as The New York Public Library Art and Picture Collection. I’m careful to credit images when I know who the creator was. I’m not any more concerned about copyright issues with Pinterest than I am with portfolio sites, blogs, etc. That is a problem all around.


    • I think the common wisdom with pinterest is to mix images of your own art in with other images you find. When I visit a pinterest user’s page and see nothing but promotional stuff I am not likely to follow them. There are active artists on pinterest sharing lots of images for a while, then they add some of their own artwork into the mix.


  3. I agree about being a little turned off if I see someone only has their own work on Pinterest. But I think having a board of your own art among all your other images, like you’ve done, seems like a good way to go. Thanks! 🙂


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