A Wonderful New Artist Testimonial for Artist Marketing Resources

I worked with William Montgomery  August and September 2011. He had a family emergency and had to take some time off. We resumed working together recently. Here is what he wrote about my efforts:

Testimonial from William Montgomery

“Before working with Marie Kazalia I had tried working with a few consultants costing thousands of dollars with absolutely no results. Of course I tried marketing my work personally as well, with no results either. Last Fall 2011 Marie was able to introduce me to a company in the UK who licensed 15 of my images for print on Canvas and archival paper. They are Art Consultants working globally. A week ago she was able to get me a deal with a New York company which licensed eleven of my latest pieces for distribution on canvas in two sizes in Australia, Italy and the US and they are working to establish a company in Great Britain as well. I modified the files so that I am able to continue marketing the originals without competition. She has sent out a little over 100 letters of introduction to art consultants and interior design companies here in the US and other countries. We have an interview coming out shortly  in My Spotlight Gallery blog. I know Marie works very hard at this for me because I find emails at all hours of the early morning to late evening with questions, check this or that, what do you think, etc. We maintain very close contact online and we are now starting to converse on the phone occasionally which really helps to clarify any issues at hand. All in all, I have found Marie to be extremely knowledgeable and is building new alliances all the time. She excels at web networking, so if you need marketing assistance I highly recommend her company.”

Working with William has been a great pleasure. I have watched  confidence in his artworks grow daily. You may view over 2000 original artworks on the artist’s websitehttp://www.abstractfineart.com ranging from 1993 to the present.

Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful New Artist Testimonial for Artist Marketing Resources

    • Thanks for your comment, Leon. William has a large body of work that needs promotion! His enthusiasm builds and grows. The changes I see in the artists I work with is always amazing.


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