Art World Chicago Features News of Artist Leon Sarantos’ Exhibited Art

Nude Man Seated, oil on canvas by Leon Sarantos, one of two paintings in our virtual gallery exhibition (link below)

Art World Chicago featured artist Leon Sarantos and his paintings that are part of a group exhibit at the CornerStone Art Center & Gallery  20 minutes outside of Chicago.  The title of exhibit, Struggle for Art IV, curated by Jim Panos, has to do with the struggle of being an artist.

The center is organized by the 119th Street Artists, a non-profit group.  For further information about the center and this event, view their website at

Leon Sarantos currently lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.  Mr.Sarantos has exhibited his work extensively in solo and group art shows.  View more figurative paintings on his website:

Two of Leon Sarantos’ paintings are also on view in our virtual gallery:

Here is the link to a preview of our current virtual gallery exhibition:

You can attend the online show by clicking this link:

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