Art Every Day 30 Day Challenge for Individuals and Orgs to Win $500 Art Grant

This Side of Paradise -- Wednesday April 4, 6-8pm

This Side of Paradise -- Wednesday April 4, 6-8pm (Photo credit:

Do you have an idea for an exhibition in your neighborhood? Art Every Day’s ongoing 30 Day art challenge  to bring art into your community offered a $500 grant to individuals or organizations with an innovative plan. The votes tallied and winner selected for March, but check back to submit an application for their next grant challenge. Your plan receives exposure on their site, votes from readers, and the winner receives $500. to carry out their plan.

On a larger scale, the New York CIty nonprofit No Long Empty has a three-year old project  to “draw together the vitality of the contemporary art world and the values of building community” to create a lasting impact on the way people think about their neighborhoods. Beginning April 4, a No Longer Empty exhibition called This Side of Paradise will open in enormous  Andrew Freedman House, which now sits largely abandoned, but was created in the 1920’s as a retirement home for broke aristocrats to live out their last days in luxury. Currently, 30 artists are having their way with the building’s numerous rooms, many of which haven’t been touched in years.

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