What To Do If Photos of Your Art on Pinterest Are Misused


Pinterest (Photo credit: PixByDee)

Pinterest is now one of the top three social media sites. That’s right, now it is Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

So far, I have only read of one jewelry designer who had her photos misused by a spammer on Pinterest. The spammer linked computer viruses to her product name and images. Pinterest removed the spammer from their site. Read the full Daily Dot story here.

Artists should be aware that there is a copyright infringement form for Pinterest. If you discover misuse of your art image on the Pinterest site, complete and submit the Pinterest copyright infringement form—you will find it here: http://pinterest.com/about/copyright/dmca/

3 thoughts on “What To Do If Photos of Your Art on Pinterest Are Misused

  1. You don’t need to be on Pintrest for things like this to happen if your work is out there on the web you would be amazed how it can be used. I went to enter a contest about eating disorders I mean a national contest and to my surprise they were using my image to promote it. I almost died…of course I was excited too. Anyways I contacted them right away and they added my information and credited the photographer. The case listed above however is a whole lot scarier. And these are examples we found…I can’t imagine how many things happen with our images that we have no idea about. There was one a few years back were a big film company in europe from a picture online of a happy family and just used it as their seasonal promotion. A friend happened to be in Eastern Europe and saw the picture in a store front of a camera shop and took a picture of the window and sent it to them. I can’t remember what the out come was but what are the chances that someone you know is going to see that and report it to you. The company had just found the image online and thought it represented the values they wanted attached to their product and captured it for their use.

    At least Pinterest has a procedure. Thanks again for all your great information Marie…I love your blog.


  2. Many large art sites do have a form for reporting copyright infringements. Those forms are often difficult to find. That is why I wanted to share the link to the Pinterest form. Many artists are worried about their art on Pinterest since it is so easy for others to delete the text details when repinning images.

    Just about every artist has a story of someone taking something. I’ve heard many. I once had one of my creative writing titles taken and used by editors I had submitted my writing to! Then I learned that titles cannot be copyrighted.
    A short piece of creative writing of mine, titled *Stunned Coyote Raygun Romance*
    was not a romance at all but a fictionalized piece about a temp job I had once working for some scientists who had US gov contracts to develop and build particle beam weapons. I submitted my story to an editor and he immediately published a story of his own using my title! Which made no sense / did not match his story at all!

    I also see lots of highly derivative artwork out there winning competitions etc. People who do things take and borrow heavily really are not doing their own work and making progress with their own art. So I don’t concern myself with what they do.


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