Twitter Bomb Project for Art Takes Time Square Today 3PM

Artist Chris Osborne received this invitation–

Chris, tomorrow at 3pm you are invited to get your work seen by the world.

Join Questlove of the Roots / Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2 Million followers) plus hundreds of others in tweeting the following:

#ArtTakesTimesSquare @ArtistsWanted – help my work get shown

By tweeting this at exactly 3pm (EST) Wednesday you get:

  • Your friends to see your work
  • Tens of thousands of people who will be searching #ArtTakesTimesSquare to see your tweet
  • If we get #ArtTakesTimesSquare trending, hundreds of thousands of people will see it.

This is in your hands, good luck!

You can also find several artworks by Chris Osborne in our Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Bomb Project for Art Takes Time Square Today 3PM

  1. I’m wondering if how Chris is experiencing this whole Artist’s Wanted site…I have had nothing but issues with them help links that are not manned and no responses from the Artist Rep. I’m really get a negative vibe from it…I didn’t enter the Art Takes Time Square Contest but the SELF contest…and I can’t get any information on how to see other people’s profiles and I beginning to feel that I threw away $50.00. I would really love it if Chris would write a review of his/her experience with them…Is it just a social media experiment? I’m not too fond of play to pay, popularity contests to promote my art. I did the SELF contest because I felt it would promote my Political/Anti-Diet, Size positive message. But I think when artists are asked for two tiered pay levels to join a contest…and the lower one doesn’t even enter you into the contest….there is something seriously wrong. Just my Opine.


  2. I have allot of problems with this site. I entered one of their contests and tried to have it removed, got no response from the Artist’s Rep, she said she would remove it and I continue to get messages like Chris got above, I didn’t pay for entry and I didn’t post any art, I even tried to remove my name but then it removed my name from the other contest I entered… It’s just a page floating out there with no purpose. I did enter the SELF contest a new competition that is put out by the same organization, and again got zero help…no one is manning their tech help line ( I even got an email to that effect directing me to the list of 12 questions commonly asked? 12??? really??? of course the questions I had were not there) the site is sadly missing information and totally mismanaged.

    I’m not fond of Pay to Play, Popularity Contests in the arts, I really think it’s like vanity galleries and in the end not very helpful to one’s career. I decided to enter SELF because I thought it might get my message out about “Health at Every Size,” “Stop Dieting,” in this calm the Obesity Obsessed, Fat Phobic Madness that is so prevalent in our society now, it would be worth the $50.00 entry.

    I would really love to hear about Chris’s experience when it’s all said and done. I seriously feel like it’s a big scam and don’t understand how can offer a two tiered pay scale when the lowest tier doesn’t even enter you into the contest ( let’s just throw away 25 dollars! ). I really hope people are reading the little information that is on the site carefully because it seems that we are giving our money away, money that could buy lots of supplies or pay for several meals.

    If anyone has heard anything positive about this program please let me know. Right now I would not advise anyone to enter, and I have detoured artist friends of mine. I’m not new to contests like this…I have participated in ArtPrize in Grand Rapids two years in a row, and yes if you get a venue it can be way more expensive then this online thing, but I do know my work was seen, I talked to the viewers and it was a very positive experience. If all this is a social media experiment I’m not sure I would enter it again myself, social media is free as far as I know so why would I spend another cent on blasting myself all over the web.

    BTW I have ‘collected’ Chris…and wish her luck. And once again look forward to her review of the whole thing.


    • This is a great topic for discussion. I remember when Artists Wanted first started (c. 2008/9). They have grown tremendously. Which is a good sign that they are working hard to promote their site. Perhaps their support resources cannot keep up with demands. Artists Wanted is actively promoting whereas not a peep from lots of other sites that just continue to collect their membership fees from artists. I don’t like to pay fees for such and I try to avoid posting ops to my blog that require. Sometimes the fees are justified, sometimes they are to make money for the project or site staff—look at aspects of an all art competition to determine if it is worth spending money on fees or not. I know one artist who won an Artist Wanted competition (I think they took his art to an art fair in Miami as part of his winnings) and another who received an honorable mention. For the one or two who actually win the fee is a great bargain.

      One thing I would like to point out that artists often do not think about, is that the development of a large site like Artists Wanted costs quite a bit money. I consulted on the development of ArtWeb over 3 years time and the site owners invested over one hundred thousand US dollars into building and developing their large site. These big sites do cost a lot of money to put up and so that is why they do charge a membership fee. Artists need to think what the fee payment will do for them. If membership on such sites is part of their marketing plan. If the fee is justified or if a presence on other sites could drive traffic to their own website, then it is an advertising/promotional payment.


    • thanks for your insight. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my page…it’s up…I have promoted it…I have no idea if others can see it if I didn’t invite them…People who collect are not clear on what they need to do…I have had allot of questions about that too. Oh well…glad someone has gotten something for his investment. I am easily miffed…lol…what can I say…and as I age I have less patience. Soon to become the old lady artists I promised never to be like.


    • yes, almost everyone I’ve heard from (several artists) have had issues with their Artists Wanted pages–getting visibility, getting people directly there etc. Several artists have asked me to vote and I had difficulty finding many of their pages from links they provided, yet the one artist who I know to be quite internet savvy directed me right to his page to vote. We are all learning. Artists *heads* are in their studio, and then when the automated online stuff does not roll out as quickly and smoothly as expected it can be frustrating. (Hurry up and get it up there so I can get back to doing what I really want :+)–yeah, me too!)

      But, I hope you will participate in the 3PM Tweet bomb today. On Twitter, Chris Osborne is @ChrisOArt


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