Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, Immediately Seeking Artist Submissions

Apocalypse 2012 : Genesis 2013


Jackson Junge Gallery is immediately seeking artists’ submissions for an upcoming juried exhibition titled “APOCALYPSE 2012 : GENESIS 2013”.   It is a common belief that both Nostradamus and the Mayan Calendar predict 2012 as the year that life, as we currently know it, will come to an end.  If these doomsday predictions were to become a reality, the dawn of a new era would be upon us.

Artists in all media are encouraged to submit any work, or sketches and supporting documentation for proposals of future work, that gives their artistic interpretation of what this apocalypse would look like or, more importantly, looking forward to what a new world might resemble.  Some occurring themes might include:

–      New Relationships/Attitudes Between People of the World

–      Changes in Communication

–      Political Revolution

–      A Change in Environment or Atmosphere

–      The Anticipated New Landscape or Architecture

Any interpretive pieces with environmental, moral, political or socially relevant tones will be welcomed.   Priority and preference will be given to new works of art.  This exhibit will begin in September of 2012 and run in conjunction with Chicago Artist Month.

Please send jpegs, title, medium, size, price and a brief description of how your piece relates to the theme of the exhibit to support@j2gallery.com or mail disk to Jackson Junge Gallery 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave.  Chicago, IL  60622 no later than June 21, 2012.  Artist will be notified by July 1, 2012 if their work has been selected to be included in the exhibit.

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