Supply and Demand Art Marketing

I finally read my signed copy of artist Shepard Fairy’s 20 Year Edition of Supply & Demand. I’ve had the book since 2009. Mainly I purchased it to review the images of the artists large body of work, and with the idea that the book could be collectible and more valuable in the future. I had in mind to read it some day, not thinking that three years would slip by before I’d get to it. But once I started reading the first essay I was intrigued with the artists’ story and read the 450+ page book in a day and a half.

In the Supply & Demand articles, written by Shepard Fairy as well as others, I learned how, with very little money and using low-tech images such as lots made with photocopy machines and some silkscreened, and wheat-pasting these images publicly, Fairy was able to market himself and his OBEY art brand into an international phenomenon. (Since the publication of the book, the artist has had large museum exhibitions and recently completed print editions with a top New York City gallery press.)

Ironically, several of the large corporations –whose billboard ads Fairy had altered with his own additions– have hired the artist to create logos and other designs for their companies.

Fairy, and others in the book, describe how the artist is able to navigate these different worlds and continue to grow as an artist and become increasingly successful.

You can buy the book on the artist’s OBEY GIANT website:

Also in his site store is a book Fairy recommends, titled The Fine Art of Corporate Sponsorship & the Corporate Sponsorship of Fine Art by Ryan McGinness

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