0% Commission on Sales of Your Art at ArtWeb.net

Professional Artists: Pick up your Paint Brushes! Artweb.net Launches Worlds-First Curated Fine Art Online Community. Allowing artists to sell their work directly to buyers with 0% commission, Artweb.net launches a new free online service for artists that Picasso would be proud of.For Immediate Release

Vancouver, Canada – Artists have always had few options to get their art in front of buyers. The traditional gallery, targeting local buyers with their limited wall space offer a route to the selected few, but many artists struggle to get the galleries’ attention.

At the other end of the spectrum ‘mega websites’ have sprung up in recent years, with no selection or curation process, offering vast quantities of amateurish art, which in many ways detracts from the value of professionally created art.

With the aim of offering a new way for professional artists sell their work, Artweb.net officially announces the launch of its exclusive no fee, no commission sales platform.

The first site of its kind, Artweb.net does not have a membership fee and all artists are welcome to submit applications for the selection jury to consider.

This unique model allows artists to sell their work directly to buyers at 0% commission, using a regular PayPal account. With each artist receiving their own online exhibition space, there has never been a better opportunity for professional artists to benefit from direct sales.

The team behind Artweb.net certainly know their oils from their watercolours. Over 300 highly respected artists from around the world were consulted during the site’s eighteen month research and development phase. The team will remain actively involved as the site grows, steering its progression.

“We believe that the internet represents a paradigm shift in the art market. Buyers want a wide choice of curated quality work, which we can offer on our limitless ‘virtual’ wall space. Artists want access to buyers but don’t want to pay a premium for it. We’ve married these two desires into one site,” says Colin Mansell (Co Founder and ex CEO at The Art Source), who developed the site along with Emily Peterson (Lead Curator and artist) and Catherine Higgs (ex Christies and Philips de Pury).

He continues, “There are too many empty walls out there and too much great art collecting dust in artists’ studios. Galleries simply can’t get the reach that the online world offers. One of our artists in Ireland just sold a piece to a buyer in Mexico.”

Artweb.net has just celebrated its official launch, and already boasts a Facebook following of over six thousand. Taking this momentum into account, the site is planning an ambitious future.

Mansell and his team have a myriad of expansion planes lined up. These include the launch of a fine art print service, consisting of printers located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. With a pencilled-in rollout planned for Fall of this year, the team hope to once again change the landscape of the art world for good.

“We have achieved so much already, and we are in this for the long-term. Artweb.net is already on course to become the largest free curated fine art community in the world. We’re very excited about what the future holds,” Mansell concludes.

To find out more about the website and to start selling your art today, please visit: http://www.artweb.net

Join the ArtWeb.net Facebook community here.

About Artweb.net

Artweb.net is an exciting new resource and online fine art community.

Based out of Vancouver, the community has curators located in global centres including London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Sydney and Auckland.

Artweb.net seeks to support and promote great contemporary art, while continuing to represent the interests of their contributing artists.

By encouraging direct contact between buyers and artists, the site aims to make high quality art more accessible to a wider audience. Ultimately, the Artweb.net team is working diligently to build the web’s largest international community of contemporary artists.

3 thoughts on “0% Commission on Sales of Your Art at ArtWeb.net

  1. The development of curated online web sites for artists is a really interesting idea. I’ve applied to display my art on artweb.net, wish me luck in being accepted! Thanks, Marie, for sharing so much useful information.


    • Leon, Your work is great. I’ve worked with the ArtWeb people for the past two years on the development of the site. I know that the curator loves realism, so I am fairly certain that you will be accepted. Best wishes
      BTW, today I added 4 more of my painting to my ArtWeb.net account. ArtWeb.net now has the Pinterest Pin button too! To get your art images some visibility and bring in traffic/buyers.


  2. Thanks for writing such timely helpful posts. It is very helpful to read how the artworld is changing–to the benefit of artists–yeah. It really opens up such valuable opportunities for us. We just have to be willing to learn all about it and incorporate it into our marketing. I look forward to the challenge.


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