Do You Enter Contests? on Pinterest!?

A few days ago on Pinterest, I repinned a set of green vases from an upscale home decor site for a chance to win them. Today I learned that PUREWOW is sponsoring a camera company giveaway that is also using Pinterest as an aspect of their contest.First, they want you to submit a photo that you have taken for a chance to win a Panasonic Lumix 3G camera — here is the  link:, repin your favorite image (hopefully your own!) so that you are automatically entered to win the second prize–a Panasonic Lumix ZS19 camera.

2 thoughts on “Do You Enter Contests? on Pinterest!?

  1. I’m afraid of Pinterest, but I entered yours and won a canvas!! Actually I just entered one of the Artists Wanted ones it was perfect for my art as my art is ME I even threw money at it. Sooo COLLECT ME!!! what a segway!…I should work on a talk show or something! I know it’s more of a social networking experiment and I’m not going to be judged on my artistic talent but the money would be used to support my battle to destroy the diet industry and to support women in the arts through my work and charitable donations to the Women’s Caucus for Art.

    Is there such a thing as too much Social Networking? I feel overwhelmed all the time with it. Trying to blog, trying to communicate, trying to get my own work done and be part of my own life? I feel fractured.


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