New Calls for Artists

a project of FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft) – The Rad’Art Project / Artéco association
For this exhibition artists are asked to imagine a device which protects humans from excessive noise or sound– something like the way sunglasses protect us from excessive light, as an accessory, a nice object to be worn. Sunglasses, very common objects, initially just useful, became a “vanity object”, a habit, a vice, and many famous designers started designing them, so their meaning and usefulness became something more.Now, especially in cities, there is another sense organ which is subjected to an excessively strong stimulation: our ears. Reports about the acoustic pollution in our cities are worrying and the limitations to the intensity of noise which the laws impose are indiscriminate and generally not enough to defend us adequately from the dangerous consequences.It may be necessary, thus, to use a device which provides a filter to sounds, as the sunglasses filter light. It could also become necessary and urgent to design such devices not only considering their usefulness, as in the case of the ear muffs which defend the workers from acoustic stress, but also considering their “design”.

They could be a precious or fashion object which could be worn with pride, pleasure, enjoyment.
Starting from this vision of such a possible future, we are proposing to all interested in collaborating,  to design or build an object which can be used for this purpose: protect our hearing–design devices with different shapes, with different filtering degrees for different needs.

These purposefully designed and built prototypes will be exhibited in December 2012 at Rad’Art (Mercato Saraceno), and published in a catalogue along with written descriptions.

FKL and Artéco reserve the possibility to organize, with the collected materials, further exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.
AURICOLI DA RUMORE is a metaphorical operation: the objects we will exhibit, even if they actually work, won’t be easily wearable at this moment. By simulating such a need, and designing such an object, we mainly intend to make us think about the existence of a real problem.
We wish to point out that we are not asking for a technologically efficient object: we are staying within a symbolic and poetic universe.
The sunglasses defend us from sunshine, which is a natural thing, and cannot be eliminated.
The Auricoli da Rumore, instead, should defend us from acoustic pollution, which is a typically human problem, and we wish that its solution will follow also different and more radical ways.

Please, send your work (objects, prototypes, projects and/or photos), together with a short written explanation and a short curriculum vitae ( preferably in Word), to this address by 09.30.2012:

Bando Auricoli da Rumore (BAR)
FKL – The Rad’Art Project / Artéco association
Casella postale 1227109
Ufficio postale di Piavola
Via Turati, 10
47025 Piavola di Mercato Saraceno (FC)


Simultaneously send an email

For further information, please contact:
Francesco Michi, Italian coördinator FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft):
Anton Roca, art director The Rad’Art Project

Further information on the web sites:

Apg@Atl; The Airport Show APG photographers to be exhibited and promoted during Atlanta Celebrates Photography.The Show will feature One 6-image exhibition and Six 4-image exhibitions in the central atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.
There is no theme. Submissions should consist of a minimum of 6 images that work together as a group as well as being strong individual images.JUROR: Amy Miller, Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography.ACP is an annual city-wide festival held during the month of October with over 150 photo related exhibitions and events hosted by a diverse network of venues. ACP supports Atlanta’s emergence as an international center for photography


Deadline: Sat Aug 4th, 2012


Atlanta Photography Group
75 Bennett Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
United States of America

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