Sell Your Art to Interior Designers on Houzz

Looking for more ways to get your art in front of potential buyers? Want to makes sales of your art to interior designers? Upload high quality images (at least 1,000 pixels wide) of your artwork to Houzz. Houzz is a large professional design site for interior designers, architects and others. In the latest Houzz newsletter, one condo owner commissioned an artist to create new artwork for his walls.

Only a few artists have created a presence on the Houzz site so far. Set up an account with quality images of your art including interior views with your paintings hanging on walls, your 3D art on tables etc. You will also be able to connect with interior design professionals by following them and by asking a question for discussion.

I connected with one interior designer on the Houzz site, who told me that she gets her art from “all over” — directly from artists, online etc.

What more tips, links and contacts? Artist Marketing Resources provides extensive resource lists to industry professionals here!

13 thoughts on “Sell Your Art to Interior Designers on Houzz

    • Hello Brigitte
      Houzz is easy to use once you understand the controls and features. That’s why I recommend that you view the short video tutorials available on Houzz.
      Once you have your portfolio uploaded you can start a discussion, search and make friends with interior designers and home owners seeking art. Houzz
      is specialized in that it is a large community of people who what to decorate their home in some way, or interior designers seeking to purchase
      art for clients.


  1. I’ve been using Houzz to host my newest collections, (Trends from 2013 – 2015 launch) here’s how I set everything up:
    I’ve been published since 2008 and strive to work solo for designers and art collectors.
    I’ll be posting my finished products in room settings by September/October 2014. It should lend designers a better understanding on the artworks’ size and how the they fit in a given setting.


    • Hi Charlene
      Thanks for sharing those details and your links. It’s great to see your great use of Houzz! Best wishes

      If you have advice for artists on offering a collection on Houzz, I’d be glad to have you write a quest blog post including images and links. If interested, my email address is


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