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Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

I keep Tweetdeck up all day and receive notices of any mentions. Some artists, art orgs and galleries share my links. When I receive a mention on Twitter I make sure that I retweet. If you’d like a retweet then share one of my links below.

On Google+ it is easy to share links and  +1.   I reblog on Tumblr whenever the option is available, to help share the artwork of artists. On Pinterest I pin to my own boards and to other boards I’ve been invited to pin to, such as one for the literary and art journal Meat For Tea.  Send a good quality jpeg of one of your art images and I will upload it to Pinterest and pin it to one of my boards. Be sure to let me know the title and medium of the artwork. Send it to (leave a comment here to let me know that you’ve sent it).

Leave your links in a comment on this blog post, and I will copy and paste them into a tweet and share on Google+. You can leave your website link, portfolio link, Facebook fan page link, Tumblr blog link etc, but be sure to also leave a descriptive line. (No one will click on a shared link unless they know something about what it links to.)

Share my links:

Artist Marketing Resources blog 

Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store Facebook fan page

Artist Marketing Resources PDF lists: 800+ Places to Sell Your Art, International Gallery List, Art Consultants, Art Licensing

ebook  Guide to Making Artist Submissions is available on Amazon Kindle

ebook Guide to Making Artist Submissions on the Smashwords site is downloadable in many formats:

9 thoughts on “Share Exchange: Tweet, Google+, Pinterest, FB, Tumblr, etc

    • hello hena tayeb — I just tweeted your link to some of my twitter accounts that have 8-12 thousands followers each!
      Google+ would not accept your website link so I shared your blog link there instead. Nice work!


  1. Thanks, Marie. I just sent a jpeg for Pinterest to your email address. Please also see

    My website is and Facebook fan page is Please see the recent interview at

    Description: Barbara Rachko is a prolific New York painter and photographer who creates original soft-pastel-on-sandpaper paintings and limited edition chromogenic prints.


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