Emerging Artists Retail Network NYC Co-Op Gallery w/No Fees or Dues

The newly formed, EARN/Emerging Artists Retail Network Co-Op Gallery in Manhattan accepts emerging artists working in NYC, and they have no fees or dues. They’re an open group of hard-working professional artists from all backgrounds and disciplines.

EARN currently has 20 active artist members in the collective. The founder Thomas Smith has worked for years in Soho and Chelsea for art galleries, from art handler to sales and management.  The concept for EARN came to him when he noticed how much it costs artists to show their work in a Manhattan Gallery.  The costs are thousands of dollars and there’s no guarantee of selling anything, which leaves the artist with empty pockets and disenchanted with the whole process. In order to open their own retail gallery space, EARN has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to collect contributions that will cover the first couple months of expenses.

It will be interesting to see how they do with their IndieGoGo campaign. Help out if you can.

View the work of one of the cop-op members, Rob Servo here.

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