Share Your Art on Buddy of Work

Buddy Of Work

There’s an interesting blog by painter Henry Samelson that he calls Buddy Of Work. On Buddy of Work artists post an image of their primary work (painting, sculpture etc) alongside work that they consider peripheral yet wholly integral to their main body of work. Resulting in a gallery of art created in a wide variety of materials and styles, often accompanied by rather surprising reference images.

Buddy of Work has no imposed rules. Post your art along with other artists who have posted images that reveal their artistic practice.

Buddy of Work is such an interesting idea for a private form of social media exchange.  You could come up with a project of your own, or, share on Buddy of Work by adding your own art images. To add your art, visit the blog and click on the *New Post* button at upper right.

4 thoughts on “Share Your Art on Buddy of Work

    • Leslie, Is you own blog WordPress? Buddy of Work is a WordPress blog and my blog is a WordPress blog so I can see the button. But anyone should be able to see the button also, since it is set up for others to share.
      Can you email a screen shot of how the site looks to you?


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