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Paul Cézanne - Foliage

Paul Cézanne – Foliage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are an artist not represented by a gallery, and are seeking representation for the first time, where do you begin? Of course you are not going to go to the top blue chip New York City art galleries or send jpegs of your art to such galleries. Why not find art galleries locally first, and then if you want to expand nationally and internationally contact galleries that accept email submissions. Yes, there are a number of galleries that prefer email submissions as first contact from artists, and many state this on their website. As examples, here are two galleries that have submission guidelines on their websites–

Joe Wade Fine Art 

Submission guidelines from the Joe Wade Fine Art website:


Please submit, by email only, the following:

Website link (if applicable), and/or no more than 5 images of your work with image information, sent as JPEG attachments.

Total email should not exceed 2 MB total size. Image information should include title, dimensions, medium, and date of work.

Include recent resume, price list and current contact information with your submission.

Email the information to:

Note: If these galleries are  not right for your work, there are many more actively accepting email submissions listed on our contact list here.

The YYZ Artists Outlet provides an open forum for local, national and international contemporary artist-initiated exhibitions and activities in all media. YYZ maintains a multipurpose venue that accommodates solo and group exhibitions, with a typical exhibition running approximately six weeks. YYZ welcomes proposals for participation in its program from artists of all disciplines and at any point in their artistic development. YYZ supports the development and presentation of artistic practices and as such provides artists with the physical, financial and intellectual resources required to produce their respective exhibitions. YYZ pays fees to all artists who participate in its programming activities. YYZ accepts proposals from artists ongoing.

Your proposal to YYZ should consist of a description of your practice.

DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICE: Your description should incorporate the following points in 500 or fewer words. Please clearly and concisely describe:

  • your artistic practice (situate your previous and current work within your practice)
  • your artistic concerns (approach to artistic creation or the aesthetic or cultural tradition that relates to your practice)
  • any technical requirements (specify special installation needs present in your practice, a possible water mark, time-frame to complete works or installation or any other relevant items connected to the production of your work)

Read the full guidelines here.

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