One Digital Artist and His Art Licensing Success Story

Fine Art Print

Fine Art Print (Photo credit: Dan Braun)

One of my clients is a prolific digital fine artist with a large body of work, most of it unseen–that is unexhibited and unsold.  I found many opportunities for him, including an art licensing contract that initially began with the licensing of 12 of his image for fine art prints. Right away the artist had several sales from that contract. Just two months after signing his first ever art licensing contract with this fine art publisher, the artist wrote to me:

“G. just called. He wants to license approximately 50-60 images from me now. He is working with about 5-6 other companies including He is going to print on bamboo and aluminum too. You did it!”

And you can set up income streams from sales of art prints via art licensing contracts too. It will take some effort on your part. The good news is that it is easy to submit your art to these companies via email, and Artist Marketing Resources saves you time and removes the shroud of mystery around making submissions to get these print contracts, in our ebook How-To guide and our contact list.

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