High Realist Wildlife Artist Paints Endangered Gorillas

There are only about 400 Cross River Mountain Gorillas alive. This painting by Daniel Taylor is now sold as prints and a puzzle across North America and Mexico with 80% of received funds from sales going directly to saving this incredible animal on the brink of extinction.

Cross River gorilla, painting by Daniel Taylor

In this video, Canadian High Realist artist Daniel Taylor tells about the Cross River gorilla expedition and project activities in South West Cameroon. In an effort to protect the critically endangered Cross River gorilla, Daniel Taylor and his wife Ginette teamed up with the African Conservation Foundation. Their unbelievable adventure starts with an expedition to the mountain rainforest of Cameroon and makes a full circle through the sale of art works to protect on the ground conservation and development activities.
More info: http://www.art-for-africa.net or http://www.africanconservation.org

Also  www.artsavingwildlife.com


High realist wildlife artist Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor painting Vulture

Completed Vulture painting by Daniel Taylor

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