Win Original Drawing in Contest to Name the New Public Art Murals to Replace Lost WPA Murals

One of the three missing Helen Lundeberg murals

Article written by Marie Kazalia was first published by Technorati News, as: Win Original Celebrity Portrait Drawing in Contest to Name the New Public Art Murals that will Replace Lost WPA Murals

In the early 1940s the U.S. Government’s Work Projects Administration, Federal Art Program (WPA/FAP) commissioned artist Helen Lundeberg to create nine murals for Los Angeles County’s Patriotic Hall lobby. The number of murals the artist actually completed was reduced to three as WWII caused Congress to end the WPA and eliminate funding.  The three murals ultimately completed were Preamble to the Constitution, which depicted several United States founding fathers clustered around the Constitution’s Preamble; Free Assembly, which illustrated a group gathering for discussion; and Free Ballot, which showed citizens lining up to vote. Each mural was done in oil paint, measured approximately 12’ wide by 15’ high, and each took eleven days to complete. Helen Lundeberg hand-painted them on site with the help of four assistants. The murals graced Patriotic Hall’s lobby for over thirty years until they were removed in the early 1970s and subsequently lost.  Despite extensive searches, so far no record of them has been found.  If you see works of art which may be the lost Lundeberg murals, please contact the Civic Art Program at 213-202-5858 or

Today photorealistic muralist Kent Twitchell is putting the finishing touches on a series of three large scale murals for the newly renovated Patriotic Hall. In anticipation of the installation, he invites you to propose a title – a single title for all three murals. Click here to see renderings of the Twitchell murals. Twitchell’s new interior murals will honor the originals Helen Lundeberg painted during the Works Progress Administration and unfortunately lost. Twitchell’s murals will reflect the content of the Lundeberg murals painted in 1942 which depicted three Constitutional freedoms – “The Preamble to the Constitution,” “Free Assembly” and “Free Ballot.”Nearly all of the models used for the new Patriotic Hall murals are veterans, from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. The murals are commissioned under Los Angeles County’s Civic Art Program, administered by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. They are part of a capital project to renovate Bob Hope Patriotic Hall; under the County’s civic art policy, one percent of project cost is set aside for the incorporation of civic art. Renovation is scheduled to be complete in fall 2012.Post your ideas on the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Facebook page. Winners will receive their choice of one original celebrity portrait renderingcreated by Twitchell during the mural design process.The naming contest will close on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. PST. Kent Twitchell will select and announce the winner via Facebook in early September.

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