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Monroe Community Wellness Center


Rendering of Monroe Community Wellness Center

Date issued: August 22, 2012
Submittal date: October 10, 2012                       


The Civic Art Program seeks to commission an artist or artist team to create an innovative, contemporary craft based artwork for the new Monroe Community Wellness Center. The new facility will be located on the campus of James Monroe High School in the North Hills neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley. Opportunities for integration are currently focused on the main entrance lobby, but may also expand to secondary interior spaces. This may include the addition of suspended sculptural details, hanging art or integrated wall treatments.

Goals of the Artwork

Art and creative activities can help to create successful learning and healing environments. The Monroe Community Wellness Center is a school-based health clinic that will provide needed services to a community that has been federally designated as medically underserved. The selected artist will work collaboratively as part of the project design team to influence the development of the facility’s interior. The artwork should strategically and thoughtfully address the need to beautify and enhance the varied experiences of students, staff and visitors. Sensitivity to developing an appropriate approach that aligns with the goals of the school and facility is critical. This includes providing opportunities for student engagement and creating an artwork that is compassionate, uplifting and transformative.

For this civic art opportunity, the Civic Art Program is particularly interested in identifying craft media artists whose work can readily translate to a large-scale environment. This may include artists with a background in furniture design, fibers, ceramics, glass, metals, paper making and wood working, with the capacity to use those skills and artistry in an unexpected or nontraditional way. The final artwork will be expected to be low maintenance and have a lifecycle of at least 25 years.


An estimated artwork budget of $65,000 has been established inclusive of artist fees, all costs associated with student engagement, design, fabrication and installation of the artwork.


This commission is open to professional artists residing in Los Angeles County.

Optional: Technical Assistance Workshop

A technical assistance workshop will be offered on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. for interested applicants to learn more about the Monroe Community Wellness Center Civic Art Project and the Los Angeles County Civic Art Program application process. The workshop will be held at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, 1055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 800, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Reservations are recommended. Please RSVP to with “Monroe Wellness TA” in the subject line by August 29, 2012.


Application materials must be received at or before Wednesday, October 10, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST).

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