Innovative Idea For Presenting Art Images and Generating Sales

This is an innovative and clever way of presenting art images in an interactive art exhibition and generating print sales!

  • TWIN INFINITIVES IS an interactive photography installation.
  • A special library of images created by the artist are combined and recombined by an application built into a computerized display, to present randomly generated ‘twins’ of images, each lasting only a few moments.
  • Thousands of combinations will appear over the course of the exhibition, with each pair appearing only one time. If a viewer likes a particular pair, they can press a button built into the display to ‘capture’ the current pair and a print will be generated. Each print will be one of a kind, unique to that particular chosen moment, and titled with its own unique time code.
  • Once all combinations are generated, the application shuts down and the display is destroyed, leaving only the collection of prints VIEWERS have purchased as the record of the exhibition.

Feroz Gallery  Prinz-Albert-Str. 12, 53113 Bonn, Germany

  • Feroz Gallery
  • Burbacher Str. 58
  • Bonn, Germany, 53129
  • Phone: +49 228 24 27 413
  • Website:Official Website

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