Spots and Dots Virtual 3D Gallery Show is Open for Viewing!

Orb, Orbit, Orbital: the art sphere–group exhibition: Paintings by Barbara Danin, Clare Haxby, Cynthia Conte, Dov Lederberg, Hena Tayeb,  Javier Arturo Marin Gomez, Lisa Love, Marie Kazalia, Monica Church, Parul Mehta, Ray Paul, Terry Honstead, Yael Avi-Yonah

6 thoughts on “Spots and Dots Virtual 3D Gallery Show is Open for Viewing!

  1. Hello Marie… thank you so much for my paintings in the online exhibition. unfortunately i nor my friends can view the pictures as they need som more applications… Is there an easier way to view the paintings? thank you please do reply


    • Parul

      I have had no problems viewing the exhibit on my Mac computer that is a couple of years old. If you are using an older PC please try a newer computer. Does a university or library nearby have newer or more powerful computers you can access?


  2. I have the same problem….This link requires the user to download “unity” player. Once I have to download something, esp. something special for 1 thing- Will move on and skip it. That’s as a reader, not an artist showing their work.And I did actually want to see this.
    Yet I am also an artist, who is getting very frustrated with all of this. I had problems earlier in regard to kinda similar, not related, but kinda- of (G variety).
    As an individual artist going from private to public, Is wanting to display, without plastering, and marketing while still being protected.., an impossibility?? I really want to know. Thank you.


    • Sorry that you are having problems. Needing the Unity player to view this amazing 3D virtual gallery is something along the lines of needing the Flash player to view a PDF–only the Unity Player is much more powerful (as it was explained to me once). My computer is nothing special and a couple years old yet I can view the virtual gallery easily. So don’t know what to tell you, except go ahead and download the Unity player, or try a different computer.

      The second part of your comment is a bit cryptic. I don’t plaster artists, but carefully select opportunities for them.You are right, it is not a good idea to simultaneously submit your same art
      everywhere–best to offer something different to each venue, and especially true if submitting within one city. Gallerist do talk to each other about artists and tell each other about their scheduled shows and which artists they are showing–in other words they do compare notes. I have lots of resources for artists. What I suggest depends on the artist’s goals and their style of art etc. I am the owner of Artist Marketing Resources and you can send me an email to receive further information to:


    • I do apologize for being cryptic. That was not my intent and I did not intend to judge, really, what I know nothing of—
      Anyhow, I did send a brief message in G+ to you. I will send you an e-mail later. I do very much appreciate your response to this comment. I have been following since I got here. A whopping 2 weeks! Thanks.


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