Gallery Exhibitions: Open Calls, a New Trend?

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This August and September, I’ve received several Open Calls for artists to submit to art gallery exhibitions–some with submissions fees and some with no fee required.

The presumption may be that the best galleries do not ask for a submission fee, since they are only interested in bringing in the newest and best artists to show in their space. The galleries that charge a fee may be using the Open Call to bring in funds to pay their bills. In my opinion, it is best to review these opportunities case by case.

Some exciting new spaces may need the monies generated from Open Call artist submission fees, and the small fee an artist pays may be well worth the investment. Be selective! Only submit to the best and most appropriate opportunities for your art. Artist Marketing Resources has been researching commercial galleries over the past few year, and provides extensive information for artists in our PDF art gallery list.

In the UK, the Schwartz Gallery has posted its first Open Call for artist submissions, for their ‘Kiss the Future’  exhibition, a show that will bring together emerging artists across all disciplines including sculpture, painting, installation and video art, photography and design. The show will be on the theme of future worlds: futuristic cities, fantasy bodies, dream travel and other-worldly states-of-mind.

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