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BUY SOME DAMN ART was founded by Kate Singleton of Art Hound in 2011. The up-and-coming artists of  BUY SOME DAMN ART  often create brand new work just for the site– making each of their online shows an unveiling of the artist’s latest and most exciting work.

Buy Some Damn Art accepts submissions. They are particularly drawn to work that is influenced by folk art, and modern and vintage illustration, as well as to work by self-taught artists and those who work in that style.

Spend some time on their site and if you feel that your work is a good fit for Buy Some Damn Art, then by all means get in touch. They love hearing from artists.

If your work is very different stylistically or thematically than what you see on Buy Some Damn Art then please think twice before submitting your work. They receive a lot of submissions (for very few open spaces) and take the time to look through each one.

The best way to submit your work is to send an email to with a link to your portfolio and a quick intro. If you don’t have a website you can attach 3-5 images of your work.

For more place to sell and submit your art, Artist Marketing Resources provides extensive resources for artists in the  900+ Places to Sell your Art PDF list  —

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