Artists: One Hundred Dollars Free for Your Ad Campaign

Partial screenshot from my Google AdWords account showing 29 $100. coupons

For Artists! $100.00 free on your new Google AdWords campaign!

Artists, would you like to run ads featuring images of your art during the holiday season? Now until January 31st 2013, Artist Marketing resources is offering the first $100. 00 of your ad campaign free!

These are pay-per-click Google ads with an image of your art in each ad. If you do not wish to use an image, there is a text ad option.

Google requires that you add at least $25. to the ad campaign to receive the $100. credit amount. That means, if you spend $25.00 on ads you get an additional $100 free.

The fee for Artist Marketing Resources services varies depending on your images, written headlines, and your researched keywords list.

For more information, email: Marie Kazalia at

2 thoughts on “Artists: One Hundred Dollars Free for Your Ad Campaign

    • Hi Jaime
      Thanks for your comment and feedback. I completed the Google training to manage multi ad accounts for my clients, so that is why Google gave me the 29 $100. coupons. They want me to bring new ad clients in. Your $25. will get you the $100. free amount added to your ad campaign. You have to pay the $25.00 and then the $100. is automatically credited. This deal is not for new users, it is for my new accounts. So if I take you on as an new ad account within my main Google AdWords account, then you qualify and will receive the $100. I hope that is clear. Basically when an individual user signs up for an adwords account it is just one user. But with my admin account I can manage multiple Adwords ad campaigns. Let me know if you are interest! My email:


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