Artists, Set Your Availability on Uniiverse and Start Making Money

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English: Vaudeville performer Hadji Ali demonstrating his skills of controlled regurgitation at Egyptian Legation, on March 27, 1926. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do You Have Creative Skills?

On the site you can create listings for off-line face to face interactions for your art or arts related services. First, it is fast and easy to register using your Facebook account. Then, create a no-cost listing. If you are an artist click *Skills* and then *Creative skills.* Your services will be available within your geographic area. With your listing their are convenient tools for others to schedule an appointment with you and pay for your services. These have  various settings you choose from. According to the Uniiverse site *if you have design, paintings or photography skills, set your availability and start making money.*

This is from their site: “Is it free to post? Yes, it’s totally free to post. If you decide to charge $15, you will be receiving $15. Uniiverse adds a small variable transaction fee to your price, but this will be charged to the buyer.”

Uniiverse does not charge you when someone contacts you. I’ve had listings on similar types of sites such as where I have received many contacts but there is a fee for me to view each of them.

If you have success with Uniiverse, I am always happy to learn of it and possibly write a blog post featuring you and your art.

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