Different Roles of the Artist Representative Vs the Artist Agent

This is purely my opinion based on my personal experience–I have not asked any other arts professionals–but, IMO, an artist representative keeps artists in their company *stable* making them available to provide art services to their clients exclusively, while an artist agent gets the artist’s work out their, even hooking them up with artist representatives if that is right for their career. Some artists have referred to me as both an artist representative and an artist agent. Artist agent is more accurate for me by my definition. If an artist-client of mine painted high quality mural art, then I would connect them with this artist representative who handles high-end mural projects. Another artist representative handles commercial illustrators and photographers yet has a shop on their site to sell  fine art photographic prints, posters, books, cards, and canvas art. If my client’s work fit that specific market I would work to hook them up and get their work in that shop!

For artists who like to do it all themselves, I offer my contact list in PDF form for only $18.95. There really should be another one hundred dollars added to that price, but I am generous and like to help artists out. Of course the list is priceless if you use it to make valuable connections to advance your art career.

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2 thoughts on “Different Roles of the Artist Representative Vs the Artist Agent

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