K11 Art Space, the Worlds First Art Mall

Find the K11 Art Space, the Worlds First Art Mall, in the lovely city of Hong Kong and online here.

K11 exhibits, promotes and sells local artists and artists based internationally, both in live exhibitions and in their online K11 Design Store. K11 Design Store features budding and exceptional designers from all over the world every season. They like to share with you the designers’ concepts and stories behind their brands, and currently feature design works by an American living as an expatriate in Thailand, and other artist-designers living in France and Italy.

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the link to the Artists Club, where you can submit

  • Project proposal(s) on the themes of Art‧People‧Nature
  • Proposed production schedule, including dates
  • Company / artist profile
  • Visual references

Please send all applications to k11art@k11concepts.com.

Successful applicants will receive a formal invitation and membership card from K11.


Artist Marketing Resources provides artists with an extensive international list of Places to Sell your Art  and a list of Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representative.


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