Artolo Now Open To All Artists–Sign-up Free

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 8.41.17 AM

Hi Marie,

Just to let you know, Artolo is now open to all… although still in a Beta testing phase.
People can now sign up and browse from

We’re keen to get a diversity of artists loading up their profiles so we can best design the navigation for potential buyers and people who want to engage with art. As ever, our focus will be on attracting new people to the wonderful world of original art.

We’ll be launching a bunch of features in the new year:
Commerce including Make An Offer (in January)
Manage commissions
Create Group homepages (for arts organisations, interest groups, collectives etc.)
Internationalization (Multilingual, multi-currency)

Anyway, do let me know if you have any more questions.

Best wishes for the festive season and may 2013 be a lucky and fulfilling year.


Tom Brereton Downs at Artolo

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