Colour In Your Life- Australian Art TV Show, Art Shop and Artist Community

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Colour In Your Life– Australian TV Show, Art Shop & Artist Community

Colour In Your Life is a web site that is run by Artists for the purpose of building a ‘Library of the minds of Artists’. The site enables investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right-brained people.

Art and what it does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and the souls of all that see it. Forty percent of the people on this planet are supposedly right-brained. Unfortunately we all live in a left-brain world; a cradle to grave mentality. We will only be able to change this if we can find a place where we can get in touch with the right brain of our species.

The TV show has been a wonderful tool for all the Artists that have been involved. With over forty percent of galleries across Australia closing in recent years, Artists have been struggling to make themselves seen and heard. Colour In Your Life can change that.

Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour In Your Life, has been a practicing professional Artist for 30 years. He currently works with the TV show ‘Fine Art Showcase‘ based in Los Angeles, and also a number of large corporate clients and many of the worlds leading Fine Art Licensing agents. As a long time professional artist, Graeme understands the many battles and trials that Artists go through to make a living out of their craft.

Colour In Your Life is a web site that, through the TV series ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life‘, will enable many Artists and viewers to better interact with each other; to be able to exchange information and ideas.

How the Web Site works

The Colour In Your Life Gallery is for all artworks – whether they have sold or are for sale. The Gallery is simply for showing the world what an artist can do.

The gallery plays host to many artistic talents, delving into abstract, impressionism, all the way to super-realism. Anything is welcome, from photography, calligraphy, water-colour and sculpture, to animals, landscapes, portraits and web design.

With thousands of images having already been uploaded in the last few months, the Colour In Your Life Gallery will soon become one the biggest Art Hubs on the web.

Listing images in the Gallery is free, and is the best way to start promoting your work. Thousands of people come looking for artwork everyday, and if it’s not there to see, how will people find you?

The Colour In Your Life Shop is for those artists that wish to sell their artwork online. The artwork must be registered with Colour In Your Life, and while it does not cost anything to list the work, a commission rate is taken upon sale of the work. The seller must also be the owner/creator of the work and be legally allowed to sell the piece.

Copyright: Colour In Your Life will take all measure to protect the copyright of artist’s work registered with the site.

About Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson was born June 29th, 1958, in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Graeme was fascinated with the world, beginning his career by painting and studying animals, including the Australian parrots he bred.

His reputation as an artist started to grow after he obtained his pilot’s license and began exploring the vast areas of Australia, photographing, sketching and painting the animals he studied.  He then began travelling across the world to study animals, painting and becoming published – in 1988 he was commissioned to produce ‘The Atlas of Parrots’, displayed in New York, Paris, and the London Natural History Museum.*

*for a more extensive history, please head to the Colour In Your Life website.

Graeme is working with ‘The Celebrity Shopping Network‘ in Los Angeles, and  is on the show about three times a year selling his work to a potential audience of 70 million viewers. His work hangs in galleries and private collections throughout the world.


The Colour In Your Life Community is the home for all Artists. With it’s own chat boxes, chat rooms and groups, it’s just like Facebook for Artists.


The Colour In Your Life TV show airs on channel 4Me nationally  (in Australia). Since going to air, late March 2012, artists that have been involved with Colour In Your Life have confirmed that the interest in their work has accelerated, with some even selling out of their stock due to demand.


The Colour In Your Life website also has a ‘Tips & Articles’ for artists section, a Colour In Your Life blog, and a competitions page. Colour In Your Life hosts competitions from its major sponsors such as Chroma, all of which can be found on the website. Some of our art prizes have included a $5000 art set from Canson and monthly vouchers from Chroma.


If you’d like to know more, or have any questions about the website, television show, or other Colour In Your Life queries, please contact .

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