Submit To Anonymous Drawings Exhibition Berlin

Anonymous Drawings 2013 / Exhibition
Deadline for submissions: January 31 (postmark)
Application fees: none

Call for submissions:

Drawings by international artists will be presented anonymously in an exhibition at the Uferhallen Berlin in March 2013. The physical exhibition is preceded by an open call for participation on the Internet. 800 works will be selected for the exhibition. The age, biography or gender of the participants will not be requested and do not play any role in the selection.

The only formal rule: the maximum size of the exhibited drawings is 29,70 – 42,00 cm (A3), which equals about 11 x 16 in inches.

All the drawings are available for a symbolic unit sales-price of 150 Euro each. For each drawing sold, the artists receive 100 Euro – the rest will be used for the partial financing of the project.

The given unit sales-price should not be seen as a real market price, but as a place-holder for any conceivable amount of money.

Unsold drawings will be archived or returned to the artists.

The artist’s anonymity can only be revealed by a sale: the buyer takes the drawing right off the wall and the empty space left behind will be marked with the artist’s full name and point of origin.

More information and the application guidelines for download here:

Deadline for submissions: January 31 (postmark) / no portfolios requested. no application fees for the artists.

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