A Thank You From ArtStack

I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted his email(below). I’m glad to have my blog noticed by a large and popular site like ArtStack. The note of appreciation and the help getting my ArtStack *follow button* in my sidebar was unexpected! This is the email I received:

Thanks for posting about ArtStack!

Hi Marie,

Thanks so much for posting about ArtStack on Artist Marketing Resources – I really like what you’ve stacked so far!
You can also add a ‘Follow me on ArtStack’ button to the page by copying the code straight from here: http://theartstack.com/invitations/new?method=follow_button – this works just like the code for the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button, and if someone who clicks the button hasn’t already joined ArtStack they’ll be able to sign up from directly; they’ll also follow you when they join.
Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about the site – I’d love to hear your feedback and please do spread the word!
Ezra Konvitz
Co-Founder, ArtStack

One thought on “A Thank You From ArtStack

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