Online Video Conference Lecture Series: The Art Scene Outside The Center

Last week, my blog post on Online Courses for Artists received more interest than I had expected, so I know that there is an interest with my readers and followers in online educational opportunities. Some may be seeking educational art opportunities for expanding their knowledge base, while others may be interested in models for creating their own online courses. So when I learned of this lecture series, I knew that I wanted to share the information–


The Art Scene In Different Places Out Of The Center-Nicola Trezzi


Lecturer Nicola Trezzi- is the US editor of Flash Art International and curator of Prague Biennale
February 18th – March 11th 2013, the course will present 4 video conferences on Mondays at 7PM CET
Application deadline: February 24th, 2013
Course fee: 90 €  Register Here.
During his four meetings Nicola Trezzi will present the art scene in four different countries: Indonesia, Sweden, Romania and Israel.  These presentations will try to embrace the entire artistic community, which means considering not only the work of the artists but also curators, gallery owners and collectors. Through this “enlarged” scope Trezzi will give a deeper idea of reality that is not only globalized but also ever more interconnected and de-centralized. At the same time each session will always underline the connections with this so-called “peripheral” countries and the mainstream. The mainstream will be mostly New York, where Trezzi is currently based.

week 1 Sweden
week 2 Indonesia
week 3 Romania
week 4 Israel

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