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Alex Joa is in the process of starting up a new art e-commerce site and has recently opened the site up for artist submissions. He asked me to post this call for artists to submit.


We are launching a start-up aimed at promote emerging and established artists.

The name of my start-up is Smitsy and the URL is

Our initial plans are to develop broader awareness for our artists as well as to facilitate online sales.

To apply to be part of the initial launch, please email Alex at and include:

• Resume including date of birth and contact details

• One-page artist statement and bio

• 3 – 5 high quality images of available works and relevant details such as medium, year made, dimensions

No application or listing fees.

2 thoughts on “Smitsy: CALL FOR ARTISTS – Submit to Art E-Commerce Start Up Site

    • Muffy, I think DOB tells gallerists much about where the artist is at in their career + where they can place the artwork or how the art fits in the art world scheme of things. If you have misgivings, I say go ahead and submit with just your month and date but not year and see what happens, or send in some variation on your DOB.
      I agree that it is very personal info and if you don’t feel comfortable until you get to know the gallerist that it is ok to fudge on you personal stats.(I hope he doesn’t read this) :+)


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