Submit your artwork to EatSleepDraw


The thoughtfully curated site eatsleepdraw, is THE place to submit your art. Scroll through the blog to see  incredible work in all kinds of mediums, made by artists all over the world.

What makes this site unique is that they publish art about once every hour, 24 hours a day, Everyday. eatsleepdraw is the largest user submitted blog on Tumblr, which means that if your work gets selected, you will reach a wide audience!

All thy  ask from contributors is that all the drawings, doodles, paintings, and sketches be 100% made by you.

All posts will be approved before being live on the site.


  • eatsleepdraw receives about one thousand submissions every week.
  • eatsleepdraw has  5 moderators, with totally different tastes in art, approving people’s artwork.
  • Approved artwork is sent to the queue for auto posting.
  • Approximately every 60 minutes a new piece of art is automatically posted to the top of the website.
  • Approved artwork might take between 20-30 days to be posted on the site. So please be patient 🙂

This gratis list from Artist Marketing Resources includes more Tumblr blogs that accept artist submissions.

One thought on “Submit your artwork to EatSleepDraw

  1. “Serhiy Kolyada got in hot water with Kyiv’s art establishment with his ballpoint-on-construction paper productions, portraying Kyiv as a melancholy zone of shadows. Check out his Web site ( to see his nude or semi-nude women depicted against shadowy backgrounds of corporate slogans. It’s art as social commentary: gutsy reflections on money, power and gender issues in Ukraine.” ( “50 Great Things About Kyiv” KYIV POST, Oct 20, 2004)


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