New NURTUREart Registry of Artists and Curators


New Registry Online Now–The new NURTUREart Registry–the beta version– is live now! Emerging artists, independent curators and viewers are invited to sign up, share work and explore all the features.Like all of NURTUREart programs, use of the registry is offered completely free of charge.New NURTUREart Registry of Artists and Curators

REGISTRY LIVE ONLINE NOW–This is the unveiling of a completely new registry with many exciting features aimed to create a unique online resource of both emerging and underrepresented artistsand emerging and independent curators, which will directly feed the exhibition program in the NUTUREart gallery.There are three kinds of accounts to suit the needs of different types of users: artists, curators and viewers. Choose the one that fits you best or make more than one for your multiple personalities. Artists can upload unlimited numbers of artworks and organize them into thematic portfolios.Curators have the opportunity to use this soon-to-be-filled-with-wonderful-artwork database as a powerful research tool for future projects and make profiles about themselves and share their own work by creating online galleries documenting exhibitions they have curated.

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