Noise Intercepted: Call For Collaborators – Deadline March 7th Today!

Call for Artists across North America

(Deadline to Register: March 7th)

Noise Intercepted is a series of 10 experience-activated noise challenges that prompt participants to listen, observe and interact with their urban soundscape in new and unlikely ways.

Over the course of 4 months (March – June, 2013) you’ll be sent 10 noise challenges/ creative prompts via text message and email. You’ll have exactly 1-week to respond to each of these challenges and document your findings in a creative way on the Noise Project website. You can choose to interpret each challenge however you see fit, in relation to your own personal art practice, or in relation to your own personal interests.

Some examples of noise challenges :

● Spend at least one hour observing the ebbs and flows of rush-hour traffic in your city or town from close (but safe) proximity. Document your experience. Share your discoveries visually.

● Record a familiar sound in your city and remix into something unfamiliar.

● Pick one song on your mp3 player and play it on repeat. Today, you can only listen to this one song alone. Listen to it on your way to work, or on your way to school. Listen to it on your lunch break. Take a long walk and listen to it again, and again, over and over. Document your experience. Share your findings.

**Noise Intercepted is an evolution of a Labspace Studio project produced back in 2011 called Moments Intercepted, in which 112 participants across North America were sent 10 creative challenges in a 1-month blast.

Interested in participating in Noise Intercepted? Visit for more details and info on how to register.

Deadline to register is March 7, 2013.

Details:    +          email:

*Noise Intercepted is part of the Noise Project, a curatorial initiative produced by Labspace Studio. 

About The Noise Project:
The Noise Project brings together a loose network of artists, producers, designers, urban thinkers, young students, and the public, to examine the concept of “noise” from a citizen’s perspective.

Through critical dialogue, experiential learning, and collaborative approaches to research, art making, and self-discovery, the Noise Project aims to uncover the invisible threads that connect us to our urban soundscape.

About Labspace Studio:
Labspace Studio is a hybrid,Toronto-based art house and creative agency. Through our Art House we develop interdisciplinary art projects, curate large-scale exhibitions, experiment with new ideas & methods of collaboration, and bring people together to mind-meld, collaborate, and showcase new work to the world.

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