American Artists Register for ART IN ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS

GSA Synopsis for Artist Services
The General Services Administration (GSA) Art in Architecture Program commissions American artists (citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents or Permanent Workers of the United States) to create publicly scaled and permanently installed artworks for federal buildings nationwide. GSA allocates one-half of one percent of the estimated construction costs of new or modernized federal buildings for art commissions.
Artists who wish to be considered for this and all future GSA art commissions must submit application materials to GSA’s National Artists Registry.  The Registry constitutes the qualified list of artists for this and all GSA commissions.  Instructions on how to join the Registry are available on the following Website:
GSA evaluates artists based on the following criteria: the media, materials, content, style, and scope of the artist’s past work, along with the artist’s past performance and experience with commissions or public art projects.  Short-listed artists will be contacted and asked to submit additional information including a statement that he or she can perform the work associated with the GSA commission within the identified budget.  GSA will count the combined weight of all the selection criteria as significantly more important than price.
At a minimum, the scope of services for commissions will require: collaboration with the lead designer selected for the building project; development of preliminary and final concepts; fabrication of the artwork; participation in meetings and conservation reviews as necessary; and the installation of the artwork at the project site.

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