Artists Enter to Win 1 International Exhibition

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SHARE YOUR TALENT! Second edition – WIN 1 International Exhibition – FREE ENTRY!
Submission deadline: April 3, 2013
Public Vote deadline: April 22, 2013
Photography | Video Art | Computer Graphics | Architecture | Performing Art
All artistsarchitects and designers are invited to participate for free!
To take part in the Contest send 1 hd image (2048x1536px or 1024x768px of 300dpi) of your artwork, or 1 video (with one still image; for video artists and performers), or 1 A3 panel (for architecture projects); along with your name/surname, email address and website to artexpogroup@gmail.comOn April 8, 2013 all artworks will be online on International ArtExpo Facebook page for the public vote! Public vote will close on April 22, 2013!

Submission deadline: April 3, 2013
Follow these steps to win:
1. click like on our Facebook page
2. share your photo on your  profile
3. invite all your friends to click like on our Facebook page, to click like on your image and to share your image on their profiles
The Contest will start only if it reaches a minimum of 30 submissions.Participant with the highest number of likes on his/her image will be the winner of 1 International exhibitionorganized by International ArtExpo. The winner has to reach a minimum of 500 likes on his/her image.
Good luck and make sure you and your fans complete all the steps. We will check if the winner and his/her fans followed all the steps (liking the page, liking the image and sharing the image). The organization has the right to moderate and confirm the final public vote score.More details about International ArtExpo at

3 thoughts on “Artists Enter to Win 1 International Exhibition

  1. This is NOT an art contest. This is a popularity contest. The vast majority of Americans are ill-informed about art, and cannot discern good from bad. However, most of them are able to follow instructions , and can go on Facebook and click “like”, then share that with the rest of their friends. Telling someone “Go like my art!” is a meaningless exercise in sheep-herding.


    • Dear isb63

      Wow! Do you only see the negative side of everything in life? What a drag for you. 1. It absolutely is an art contest. Like all art contests they are subjective. I posted this to my blog for artists who want to get some visibility. This is an easy way to get started. Many artists are shy. Once they start putting their work out there it gets easier and easier for them, and then they understand much. Interacting around ones art images with friends and family in a contest is one way to get those you know interested in what you are doing as an artist. Art contests are not for everyone. But some get much from entering.


  2. Marie…
    Thanks for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to this. This will be my first contest and will really help me get some exposure, win/lose or whatever.

    Thanks again…


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