Stocksy United: New Co-Op Where Photographers Share Ownership and Profits



Stocksy United is calling itself a new artist-owned co-op.

Stocksy United has developed a new model for stock photography focused on shared ownership and profit-sharing. The new site is owned by its photographer-members and dedicated to paying them the highest possible fee for their photographs.

Photographers who are members of Stocksy United will receive 50% royalty on each transaction and 100% of extended licensing fees. Members will also receive equity in the company giving them input on business operations and 90% of all profits will be divided among the members at the end of the year.

Founder of the new Stocksy United , Bruce Livingstone also previously founded iStockphoto. Livingstone says–“There’s no reason these artists shouldn’t be able to earn a living from what they produce.”  He believes that Stocksy United will  change the stock photography industry permanently—and for the better.

It’s expected that this philosophy of sharing will certainly make Stocksy United the preference for conscious-minded designers looking for quality images.

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