Call For Artists -:- Screengrab -:- $5000 Award (No Entry Fee)

Big beautiful data is everywhere. Sounds are everywhere. Images are everywhere. The network sends and receives everything. We capture, post, follow, share and archive. Data becomes us.
This new aesthetic of machine ambience is at once an embodiment of our private present selves but also an ambient beautification of what lies in our wake. We remix our environment by just being present in it. We bring our own signal noise with us wherever we go. We are fast becoming the sample bank of a dense ambient mix of images and sound.

What does this look like? How do we construct our own ambient worlds? How is Big Data constructing it for us? Where does our ambience end and where do that of others begin?

The 5th International Screengrab New Media Arts Award seeks works that explore the theme of ambience – personal, virtual and commercial – and all its private, political and social connotations. Creators, imagineers and explorers of big data, augmented reality, data aesthetics, generative art, audio/visual collage and interactive environments are encouraged to submit works that address the theme of the ambience.

Deadline: Mon Jul 1st, 2013

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