The Four Elements Exhibition

bloglogo-gaby spontaneousThe four elements Zwijgershoek SINT-NIKLAAS BelgiumMore info :

Air and earth In my work combining the essence of air and earth in images, both elements are very variable, changing through each day and season. The deep dark of winter with a cosmic light on the horizon going under the final line is almost meditative, a final reflection of almost religious beauty that is so meaningful for us humans. The earth rests darkly in tones of purple and dark green, a fertile base lying in wait for new growth.In contrast, there are big light crystal blue skies with clouds floating above yellow fields, fertile with a summer glow. The warmest season with its stunning light and colour is full of positivity for humans.The duality of slumber and light, of lethargy and vitality are remarkable.


Both barren icy cold and warm fertile water alternate between flushing sediment in and taking it back. This creative water gives life to growing islands with its inherent ebb and flow.


Fire is often associated with destruction – like here in these 21st century images – but it doubles as heating when at the right distance. All elements comprise a duality, a change from good to evil. That is their individuality and their similarity.

© Gabriella Cleuren 2013


Four elements 03 2013 29 x 42 cm ( 11 3/8 x 16 1/2 in.)

Zwijgershoek Sint-Niklaas van 29 Juni t/m 15 Augustus  2013

You can see the exhibited works on :!2511

Other works from the series “Full Emptiness” on  :

Other works from the series “Brave New Old Worlds” on :

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