Lost worlds – Brittany, a rich waterworld

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Brittany’s nature is a powerful primeval element, especially the ocean that violently crashes against the rocks and the seashore, but also leads to magnificent beaches and islands. That fascination for sand and water is visible in my images. The remarkable daily occurring sandy connection of the mainland to the island of Raquenez is the theme. The tide exposes the corridor or closes it at moment’s notice. This rhythm repeats itself every six hours and gives the passageway a very significant charm, where people repetitively discover small crustaceans, shells, wondrous rocks and creeks, spending hours in exploration, fascinated by all treasures that wash up from the sea, which are never identical.© Gabriella Cleuren 2013gc_geabsorbeerd_ap_11k.jpg

Absorbed 2011 29 x 42 cm

These images are chosen by the artist to give a good idea about the coast visited in Brittany :

Other works from the series “Lost Worlds” on:



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