Artist Nadine Robbins Gets Her Painting Printed on Wood

6 Well Fleet Coctails, painting on canvas, Nadine Robbins

6 Well Fleet Cocktails, painting on canvas, Nadine Robbins

Last month, we published a blog post about a company that prints your art on wood. Artist Nadine Robbins read the post, watched the video embedded in our article, and then decided to give Prints on Wood a try by ordering a sample print of her painting.

Nadine's painting printed on wood

Nadine’s painting printed on wood

Nadine Robbin's painting (above) printed on wood.

Nadine Robbin’s painting printed on wood (view 2)

Nadine Robbin’s says: “The painting prints out a bit dark but has a really nice silvery sheen to it. I’d probably use a brighter painting next time. Could be very interesting for pastels/watercolors.”

Like her painting and want to see more? Visit her website:

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Twitter: @RobbinsNadine
Google+ link to Nadine’s full image post:

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