Your Art on a Beer Bottle Label? Submit

This opportunity is one of thousands researched by Artist Marketing Resources and provided to our artist-readers. For more art licensing opportunities click here.

Collective Arts Brewing puts your art on their labels.

Are artists compensated for the use of their work? Yes. Each artist selected will receive $200 (Canadian) as compensation for the use of their work.

•  Work will be featured on beer bottle labels as a limited production run. Each label includes artist’s name and a link to a biography featured on the Collective Arts Brewing website.

•  Beer drinkers can scan the labels using the Blippar app, allowing drinkers to engage with your work and view information about you on their phone/tablet.

•  Each artist will be individually featured on the Collective Arts Brewing website, Facebook and Twitter.

•  A certificate of participation, including a bottle with your own label is provided to each artist.

•  Collective Arts Brewing will support and promote artist events when feasible (requires discussion) by providing online support and beer for the event.

•  Opportunity to be featured at Collective Arts Events throughout the year, like gallery openings or artist event.

 Read the full submission guidelines here


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