Imagery Engaged with Mathematics — The Art of Alan Singer

Spiro-Gyro, Alan Spiro

Spiro-Gyro, Alan Singer

“My current interests revolve around painting and printmaking – much of the imagery is engaged with mathematics.  I have always been interested in the nexus between science and art,” wrote Alan Singer of his work.

The artist began exhibiting his paintings while still in college at The Cooper Union in New York City and has continued exhibiting throughout his extensive professional career as a fine artist spanning forty years. “There are always shows going on,” Singer says.  Right now his artwork titled Hell the Gate is on view in a museum show in Binghamton, New York.

Singer is a professor of art in the School of Art, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, and says of the Artist Marketing Resources blog– ” your blog is a terrific resource, and I conduct a class in Business Practices for Fine Artists, so I find the materials very useful.”

Singer also writes about art in the exhibitions he visits, publishing articles on his blog The Visual Artworker.

In the Parents Imagination, Alan Singer

In the Parents Imagination, Alan Singer

You will find more images of Alan Singer’s art on his website

Hell the Gate, Alan Singer

Hell the Gate, Alan Singer

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