The Work of New Jersey Painter, Illustrator, and Photographic Artist Lauren Curtis

animal montage, Lauren Curtis

animal montage, Lauren Curtis

The subject matter of the art of Lauren Curtis covers animals, historic houses, trees, flowers, portraits of people and pets, and stylized crones and goddesses.

Dream of Trees, Lauren Curtis

Some of her artworks are available as prints, and Lauren Curtis accepts commissions.

Bridgit, Lauren Curtis

Bridgit, Lauren Curtis

View her fine art, available prints, and commercial art and photography on her website

Pink Tara, Lauren Curtis

Click on the images of art by Lauren Curtis in our right sidebar gallery to go directly to the artist’s website.

You can also connect with her on Facebook:

Lauren recently blogged her photos of New Jersey –see the images here :

She has a new Weebly site:

and offers cards, t-shirts, photographic art and illustrations in her Imagekind shop:

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