Creative Going World–New Reality Show About Artists Growing Their Brands in Accessories, Decor & More

Jason Fischer, Owner and Creative Director of Surreal Media Lab, will be Producing  ”Creatives Going World.” A new reality show about people aspiring to grow their emerging brands in accessories, decor and more. Beginning in October, the film crew will travel all the way to Amsterdam to begin filming the first round draft picks for the show.

Creative Director,  Kiera of Phresh Phactory, Inc. says this won’t be a show filled with chaos and drama but, will instead focus on the passions and stories of each artist. Among life’s daily challenges of family, finance, and business, the show will also capture them meeting and working alongside our management team to get their products placed, seen and sold.

“People love to watch artists at work and want to know how to be successful in their own endeavours,”  says Kiera. “What audiences want, is to see a story like their own, about talent, hard work and finally getting their chance to triumph at what they do best.”

All and all, this new show is bursting from the seams with excitement from both the artists and their fans, whom have grown to love their work and want to see them overcoming their biggest challenges. Be on the look out for more of “Creatives Going World.”


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