Link Editions Artist Books: In My Computer Book Series Call for Proprosals

Link Editions ( is a publishing initiative of the Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age.

Link Editions uses the print on demand to create an accessible, dynamic series of essays and pamphlets and also catalogues and artist books.

Submit your proposals now for their ongoing book series “In My Computer”.

Your computer contains valuable things that, for one reason or another, never went public: unpublished projects, drafts, unreleased interviews and texts, tales, poems, quotes, image or spam email collections, whatever. Content that may be significant for a wider audience and may work well in book form.

“In My Computer” is a series of books collecting unpublished material available in your computer, produced by Link Editions and available for free download in digital form and in printed form through the print-on-demand (POD) service and The publishing project wants to give value to the contents stored on our computer, a personal archive that is, from time to time, a den for our researches, a private diary, a place of accumulation and storage of digital contents. Since the distinction between public and private, online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred, the series is open to contents circulated online in any form. In this perspective, the book is an extraordinary tool for the rematerialization of the ephemeral, for archiving the impermanent, and for ordering the digital chaos we are living in.

Full details here:

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